INS Annual Meeting –



1) Abstracts can only be presented by International Neuroethics Society members. If an author cannot be present, an INS member knowledgeable with the abstract may present it. 

2) Abstracts must be in the format outlined on the International Neuroethics Society website under Call for Abstracts.

3) Work presented in abstracts must be in compliance with local policies and ethical review related to the use of humans and animals in research.

4) Authors are responsible for English translation and readability.

5) Abstracts are reviewed by members of the INS Program Committee, and their decision will be final.

6) POSTER SPECIFICATIONS: When preparing your poster for the meeting, please keep the dimensions within 40 inches x 40 inches or 1 meter x 1 meter. The title should be large enough to read from several yards away. Other suggestions: include figures if applicable, use bulleted points as much as possible and avoid long sections of text.

7)Disclosure and Financial Conflict of Interest Statements - A Disclosure and Conflict of Interest statement should be a part of the abstract. Authors are responsible for reporting any real or perceived financial conflict of interest. Any potential for financial gain that may be derived from reported work may constitute a possible conflict of interest. Disclosure is required in any case in which an individual or company stands to benefit financially from research performed. Therefore, each author must indicate any benefit to an individual or company that may potentially lead to financial reward. The recommended format is:


___Disclosures: None




___Disclosures: The author/s (insert initials here) disclose a relationship with ...    




  The Disclosure should appear on the bottom left corner of the poster.