Program Committee

Purpose: Organizing the Annual Meeting of the International Neuroethics Society

Composition and Terms: The Program Committee is composed of 6 members, one of whom will serve as the Chair. Each member serves at least a 2-year term, but no more than 4 years. The current chair should be a member of the International Neuroethics Society board and should have served on the conference program committee in the previous year.

Duties and Responsibilities: The program committee is responsible for the content and execution of the annual meeting. With respect to content, members of the committee are responsible for identifying suitable topic areas, soliciting speakers, reviewing symposia and topic suggestions and abstract/poster submissions from the Society’s membership. With respect to execution, members of the committee are responsible for identifying a suitable venue, managing event advertisement/promotion, media outreach, website design (incl. registration and payment logistics), site logistics (program printing, signage, caterer contact, registration desk, poster boards, AV, etc.), and accounting.

Timeline: Ideally, there should be an 18-month timeline leading up to the meeting, in order to secure speaker commitments early. With one committee and 12-months intervals between meetings, that means that for about 6 months of the year, the committee will near the end of preparing one annual meeting and begin planning the next annual meeting. Committee members are expected to participate in monthly hour-long conference calls, and to work on assignments between conference calls. The chair is responsible for developing a timeline, using the template below as guidance:

  • 18-12 months ahead of meeting: solicit proposals for panels and presentations from the membership; discuss suitable themes, topics and speakers; identify a suitable venue. Apply for funding for student/speaker travel or other types of financial support. Develop website. Set pricing structure and deadlines.
  • 12-9 months ahead of meeting: contact and obtain commitments from potential speakers. Begin sending notes to membership regarding meeting registration and abstract submission deadlines. Begin advertising the meeting. Order supplies for goody-bags, contact potential publishers and journals for material and display items.
  • 9-6 months ahead of meeting: finalize contracts for venue, caterer, and posterboards. Have the early registration deadline during this period.
  • 6-2 months ahead of meeting: Send reminders to membership. Collect abstract submission and screen for quality and content. Prepare edits of non-native speaker submissions. Write program and other materials.
  • 2-0 months ahead of meeting: print posters and signage; arrange for shipping to venue. Conduct  advertising and media outreach.

Report to: The Chair of the Program Committee will report to the Executive Committee and/or the President of the International Neuroethics Society.

Communication and Outreach Committee

Purpose:  To promote Society activities; to recommend to the Board direction, priorities, and strategies for communication to aid the growth of the Society and the Society's interests, including but not limited to the newsletter, the website, the membership and potential membership.

Composition and Terms: The Communications and Outreach Committee is composed of INS members. A member of the board will serve as the Chair. Each member serves at least a 2-year term, but no more than 4 years.

Committee Responsibilities:

1.  Website

2.  Newsletter

3.  Communication with current members and recruitment of new members

4.  Communication with other organizations and the press

5.  Annual Meeting publicity

6.  Social media

Duties and Responsibilities:  Specific duties and responsibilities within the divisions will be developed by committee members in coordination with the Executive Committee and the Governing Board.

Report to: The Chair of the Communication and Outreach Committee will report to the Executive Committee and/or the President of the International Neuroethics Society.

Nominating Committee

Purpose: The Nominating Committee will select members to replace those Board members whose terms expire. The terms of five of the 15 members of the Board of Directors expire at the end of February, 2014.

Composition and Terms: The Executive Committee will appoint a chair and two additional members to the Nominating Committee. The other five members of the eight- member committee are recommended by the Society membership in a vote by electronic means. Only members are eligible to "run" for the Nominating Committee either by nominating themselves or by being nominated by another member and agreeing to run. Terms are for two years and in staggered order.

Duties and Responsibilities: The Nominating Committee will be asked to suggest new members of the Board of Directors to replace those who have resigned, let their membership lapse, had their terms end, or have otherwise left the Board. They should recommend at least twice as many possible members as there are openings and should take into account the needs for balance in the membership of the Board of Directors. The Executive Committee can add nominees in exceptional circumstances.

Members of the 2014 Nominating Committee are:

Nita Farahany, Duke Law School
Adriana Gini, Regina Apostobrum Pontifical Athenaeum
Jim Giordano, Georgetown University
Hank Greely, Stanford University, Chair
Fabrice Jotterand, Regis University
Debra Mathews, Johns Hopkins University
Karen Rommelfanger, Emory University
Ed Rover, Dana Foundation