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2017 INS Annual Meeting

November 9-10, International Neuroethics Society, Washington, DC, United States
The International Neuroethics Society (INS) invites researchers around the world to submit abstracts for presentation at our 2017 Annual Meeting in Washington, DC. The meeting will feature a wide range of exciting scientific lectures, discussions, and numerous networking opportunities with experts, researchers, and up-and-coming leaders in the field of neuroethics.

Abstracts are due June 23. 


Neuroethics Network
June 19-21, Paris, France

EBC Final Conference
June 22, Brussels, Belgium
The EBC Value of Treatment 2015-2017 research project, "Time is Brain," is now in its final research phase. At the final conference, EBC will release research conclusions and launch a Policy White Paper

International Bioethics Retreat
June 26-28, Paris, France

International Conference on Neurology and Brain Disorders
June 26-28, Valencia, Spain

Seventh Cambridge Consortium for Bioethics Education
July 3-5, Paris, France

2017 Annual Meeting of the NIMH Outreach Partnership Program
July 12-14, Bethesda, MD, United States
The meeting provides an opportunity to hear from experts at the U.S. National Institute of Mental Health, participate in technical workshops, and network with local members and community leaders. More information to be announced later this Spring.

47th European Brain Behavior Society Meeting
September 8-11, Bilbao, Spain

Neuroscience & Society: Ethical, Legal, & Clinical Implications of Neuroscience Research
September 14-15, Sydney, NSW, Australia
Neuroscience & Society gathers national and international academics from the fields of neuroscience, psychiatry and psychology, ethics and law, philosophy, public policy and the social sciences to discuss themes including: ageing and dementia, adolescents, and the developing brain, disability and mental health, and disorders of self-control.

Neuroscience, Responsibility and the Law Workshop
October 9-13, Siena, Italy
Neuroscience School of Advanced Studies is offering a workshop on the implications of the advances in neuroscience and responsibility for the law, in criminal and in civil cases, as well as outside of litigation, in a wide range of jurisdictions around the world, presented by world leaders in the field.

2017 INS Annual Meeting
November 9-10, Washington, DC, United States


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