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-March 2014-

Adrian Carter has been awarded a 3 year fellowship (2014-2016) from the Australia Research Council to examine the Ethical and policy implications of treatment-induced compulsive behaviors, such as those seen in some patients treated for Parkinson’s disease.


Veljko Dubljevic and Eric Racine spoke at the “It’s not my fault, my brain made me do it!”, a café scientifique  on February 11, 2014 at the IRCM in Montréal. During the event, they discussed concepts of free will, neuroscience, moral responsibility and autonomy.Videos from the café have been uploaded to the IRCM’s YouTube Channel:


Martha Farah is a recent contributor to Nature Reviews Neuroscience. The journal presents a series of articles that explore the interaction between neuroscience and the law at


Martha Farah “Functional MRI-based Lie Detection: Scientific and Societal Challenges” , 15(2) Nature Reviews Neuroscience 123 (2014), also featuring:  J., J. Benjamin Hutchinson, Elizabeth A. Phelps & Anthony D. Wagner:


Joseph Fins in Orphans to History: A Response to the Bucharest Early Intervention Project Investigators. Fins JJ. Bioethics Forum 2014:


Judy Illes recorded a podcast on the "Perilous Pursuit of Perfection: The Ethics of Neuroscience in Sport”. It was rebroadcast as part of the UBC's , Intellectual Muscle education program activities for the Sochi Olympics.


Judy Illes was highlighted for her work on incidental findings was highlighted in the report of the US Presidential Commission on the Study of Bioethical Issues called "Anticipate and Communicate: Ethical Management of Incidental and Secondary Findings in the Clinical, Research, and Direct-to-Consumer Contexts", published in December 2013.


Judy Illes and Nina Di Pietro were featured in the Vancouver Sun on Nov 27, 2013 with their op ed "Co-ordnated approach needed to monitor drug therapy for kids”:


Owen Jones in Vanterbilt’s LAW AND NEUROSCIENCE, Aspen Publishers. Also featuring: Jeffrey D. Schall, & Francis X. Shen:


Fabrice Jotterand in the article Psychopathy, Neurotechnologies, and Neurotics, on January 28th


Stephen J. Morse was announced as the 2014 Isaac Ray Award Recipient.  The American Psychiatric Association will present this prestigious award to Morse at the Association's 167th annual meeting in New York, May 3-7. Visit the full award announcement at


Karen Rommelfanger is a panel moderator at the 20th Annual Conference of the Healthcare Ethics Consortium, Embracing Change: Balancing Innovation and Our Humanity on March 21, regarding Neuroscience, Neuroenhancement and the Future of Bioethics.


Karen Rommelfanger is speaking at the Atlanta Science Festival Decatur, “Ask a Scientist Night” on March 24th, at Emory University discussing Placebo and Drug Development on March 25th , and at the University of Pennsylvania: Mind Over Matter: Placebo for Psychogenic Movement Disorders on April 3rd.


Barbara J. Sahakian was quoted in the New Scientist article Spit Test Could Allow Depression Screening at School


Jennifer Sarrett contributed to The Neuroethics Blog with ”Faith values and autism” a symposium held by the Marcus Autism Center and the Atlanta Autism Consortium on Febrary 11th: