Working Groups

Get involved with one of the INS Working Groups. Benefits of being in a Working Group are:

1) Each Working Group has a listserv created to facilitate an easy chain of communication. The emails on each chain are only seen by your fellow group members and we encourage you to use it often.

2) The INS lists New articles published by members of each group on a group page of the website and in the INS newsletter. The publication list will highlight the most recent and innovative research being conducted. This service will:

  • Provide Working Group members with an opportunity to disseminate their research to a receptive audience who may potentially cite their work,

  • Foster sharing of ideas between Working Group members, and

  • Generate new opportunities for collaboration and the sharing of skills, knowledge and resources.

3) Finally, each year during the Annual Meeting, the Working Group meet for dinner after the reception on Thursday evening. Each individual pays for his/her own dinner and this is a great way to meet others interested in a particular topic. And on Friday, each Working Group is given the opportunity to report any news from the group to the membership.

To sign up for a Working Group, contact Karen Graham at

The Working Groups are:

Cognitive Enhancement

Deep Brain Stimulation and Neural Engineering

Global Health and Neuroethics

Neuroscience and Free Will

Brain-Based Legal Implications

Neuroscience and National Security

Alzheimer’s Disease

Addiction Neuroethics