2017 Annual Meeting
Washington, DC, USA
November 9-10

Preliminary Schedule

Subject to change as speakers are confirmed. Updated March 28.



Thursday, November 9


Plenary Lecture (1:00–1:30 PM)

Rémi Quirion

Douglas Mental Health University Institute

  • Introduction by Ariel Cascio, Institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal


Roundtable Discussion (1:30–2:45 PM)

Neuroscience, Communication, and Public Engagement

  • Joseph J. Fins, Weill Cornell Medical College
  • Tali Sharot, University College London
  • (Additional speaker to be announced)
  • Moderated by Alan Leshner, AAAS Emeritus
  • Introduction by Elaine Snell, INS


Break (2:45–3:00 PM)


Panel Discussion (3:00–4:00 PM)

International Ambassador Session

  • (Speakers to be announced)
  • Moderated by Karen Rommelfanger, Emory University


4:00–4:45 PM

Business Meeting

  • Judy Illes, INS President


Break (4:45–5:00 PM)


Public Program with Dana Alliance & AAAS (5:00–7:00 PM)

True & False Memories, Brain Imaging in Lie Detection

  • (Speakers to be announced)


7:00–8:00 PM

Evening Reception


Reservation (8:30 PM)

Affinity Group Dinners



Friday, November 10


7:30–8:30 AM

Continental Breakfast


8:30–8:45 AM

Welcome Address

  • Judy Illes, INS President
  • Cynthia Kubu, INS Program Committee Co-Chair


Plenary Lecture (8:45–9:15 AM)

Art Caplan

New York University Langone Medical Center

  • Introduction by Rachel Wurzman, University of Pennsylvania


Roundtable Discussion (9:15–10:30 AM)

Addiction and the Law

  • (Speakers to be announced)


Break (10:30–11:00 AM)


Roundtable Discussion (11:00 AM–12:15 PM)

The Brain in Context

A multidisciplinary discussion of the brain in its physical and social environment.

  • (Speakers to be announced)
  • Introduction by Marcello Ienca, University of Basel


Lunch / Networking (12:15 AM–1:15 PM)


Concurrent Thematic Session I (1:15 PM–2:30 PM)

Neuroscience of Ethics

  • Moderated by Molly Crockett, University of Oxford


Concurrent Thematic Session II (1:15 PM–2:30 PM)

Ethics of Neuroscience

  • Moderated by Tom Buller, Illinois State University


Rising Star Plenary Lecture (2:30–3:00 PM)

Karola Kreitmair

Stanford University


3:00–3:30 PM

Flash Poster Presentations

  • Introductions by Veljko Dubljevic, North Carolina State University


3:30–4:30 PM

Poster Session and Networking

Please view the call for abstracts for additional details and submission instructions.


Break (4:30–4:45 PM)


Kavli Distinguished Lecturer in Neuroethics (4:45–5:30 PM)

Pat Churchland

University of California, San Diego, Emeritus


5:30–5:45 PM

Awards Presentation


5:45-7:00 PM

Closing Reception