Neuroethics Meetings

INS hosts annual meetings and provides support for regional meetings organized by members and partners.

INS Meetings

2018 Annual Meeting

November 1-2; San Diego, CA, USA

Human Brain Organoids and Chimeras: the Science, the Ethics

June 1; Oxford, England
INS Board members Ilina Singh and INS President Hank Greely will lead a series of talks and discussions on how human brain organoids and chimeras are being used in research, now and in the future. This regional neuroethics meeting of the INS is being co-hosted with the Wellcome Trust Centre for Ethics and the Humanities at the University of Oxford.


11th FENS Forum of Neuroscience
July 8; Berlin, Germany
INS will host a reception following a special lecture on neuroethics by INS Board member Helen Mayberg.

The Gatsby/Wellcome Neuroscience Spring Conference 2018

April 13; Cambridge, United Kingdom
INS Past Presidents Barbara Sahakian and Steve Hyman will be speaking at this conference organized by the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

Neurotech Investing & Partnering Conference

May 1-2; Boston, MA, USA
The Neurotechnology Industry Association is a partner of this event.

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The Enhanced Human: Risks and Opportunities

May 21; New York City, NY, USA
The event will examine existing and emerging enhancement technologies, with a special focus on gene editing and artificial intelligence, as examples of technologies with broad capabilities and ethical concerns. Panelists will provide an historical perspective, scientific background, and will delve into the ethical and social questions still to be addressed. INS is a promotional partner.

The Seventh International BCI Meeting

BCIs: Not Getting Lost in Translation
May 21-25; Pacific Grove, CA, USA
INS Past President Judy Illes is scheduled to give a lecture during the May 21 neuroethics session. A workshop titled "Examining Ethical Assumptions About Neural Engineering and BCI Development" will include presenters Paul Tubig, Judy Illes, Jonathan Wolpaw, Jane Huggins and Laura Specker Sullivan.

International Congress of Applied Psychology

June 26-30; Montréal, QB, Canada
INS Past President Judy Illes and INS member Eric Racine will lead a workshop titled "Social, Ethical And Clinical Implications Of Developments In Neuroscience."

11th FENS Forum of Neuroscience

July 7-11; Berlin, Germany
INS Board member Tom Insel will give the Fred Kavli Opening Lecture: Digital phenotyping: Rethinking behaviour on July 7. INS Board member Helen Mayberg will give a special lecture on neuroethics on July 8. The INS will also host a reception following the lecture on July 8.

2018 IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics (SMC)

October 7-10; Miyazaki, Japan
INS President Hank Greely is expected to speak at this event.

FENS Regional Meeting

July 10-13, 2019; Belgrade, Serbia

IBRO World Congress

September 21-25, 2019; Daegu, South Korea

Other Events

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Brain-based and Artificial Intelligence: Socio-ethical Conversations in Computing and Neurotechnology

May 10-11; Chicago, IL, USA
This workshop seeks to explore the convergences and disparities in approaches to intelligence in neuroscience and computer science. It will reflect on how brain-based intelligence is similar to artificial intelligence and also how both can be combined in neurotechnology. Based on this, the workshop will explore the ethical and social implications that arise in AI and neurotechnology.

Neuroethics: Re-Mapping the Field

May 16-18; Milano, Italy

The Cognitive Revolution Symposium

May 19; San Francisco, CA, USA
The convergence of human and artificial intelligence raises a host of new ethical, social, and security questions. How do we promote a culture of responsibility in the communities behind this revolution? INS Student/Postdoc Representative Marcello Ienca is scheduled to speak at this event.

FENS Summer School

June 3-9; Bertinoro, Italy
INS President Hank Greely will give a lecture June 8 addressing neuroethics in context with the neural stem cells, brain organoids, and brain repair.

17th Summer and International Refresher Course in Bioethics Human Enhancement

Bioethical Challenges of Emerging Technologies
June 9-13; Rome, Italy

Is Biology Destiny? The Ethics of Personal Identity Alteration

June 15; Milwaukee, WI, USA
The Center for Bioethics and Medical Humanities and the Department of Neurology at the Medical College of Wisconsin are sponsoring a day-long conference exploring the ethics of personal identity alteration. The conference will address the clinical, ethical and legal issues related to the alteration of personal identity arising from the use of neurotechnologies. The program features keynote presentations from INS Board members Joseph J. Fins and Jennifer Chandler, as well as additional presentations by faculty from the Medical College of Wisconsin.

31st CINP World Congress Neuropsychopharmacology

Meeting Global Challenges with Global Innovation
June 16-19; Wien, Austria

Neuroethics Network

June 20-22; Paris, France

International Bioethics Retreat

June 27-29; Paris, France

2nd HBP Curriculum Workshop Series

July 4-6; Berlin, Germany

Cambridge Consortium for Bioethics Education

Practical Problems and Shared Solutions
July 4-6; Paris, France

Neuroscience 2018

November 1-2; San Diego, CA, USA

Neuroethics Social

Neuroscience 2018
November; San Diego, CA, USA

13th World Conference on Bioethics, Medical Ethics & Health Law

November 27-29; Jerusalem, Israel
This conference, organized by the UNESCO Chair in Bioethics, is designed to offer a platform for the exchange of information and knowledge and to hold discussions, lectures, workshops, and exhibition of programs and databases.