2020 INS Annual Meeting
Virtual Conference
October 22-23

Mentoring and Cohorts

For those who agreed to participate, we have paired people who have experience attending and presenting research at the INS meeting (mentors) with investigators who have an accepted abstract this year and other attendees (mentees). In addition to matching mentors and mentees, we have grouped several people into small discussion groups/cohorts.

This activity is meant to facilitate interaction and provide connections among colleagues. We hope that matching people and assembling groups with similar interests encourages review and discussion of the mentee's research and aspirations. We are attempting to emulate in some small way the natural conversations that occur at the in-person meeting.

View the complete list of participants, mentor–mentee pairings, and groups/cohorts. See your participant email for the file password.



Mentors should review their mentee's abstracts and presentations (poster, audio and/or videos), and provide feedback using the mentee's preferred contact method (see match list). Mentors should also tell their mentees and the other mentors in their cohort if they will be available to meet during either of the sessions scheduled for Mentoring Cohorts (see below).

Mentees are encouraged to communicate with their mentors about the feedback they receive in writing from the mentor and about potentially meeting virtually with the mentor or with everyone from their assigned cohort. Mentees that do not have an accepted abstract may share their research projects and interests with the mentor.

Participation in a virtual group gathering is voluntary, and the scheduled Mentoring Cohort sessions are simply meant to provide an easy mechanism to gather virtually.  

Cohort Sessions

We set aside two times in the program for poster viewing and mentoring cohort meeting. Joining the Mentoring Cohort session on Thursday (5-6pm EDT) or Friday (11am-12pm EDT) will put you into a breakout session that only includes the people in your cohort group. Mentors and mentees are not required to meet at these times with their cohorts, but we are offering the breakout rooms at a time that doesn't overlap with any other sessions.

Thursday, October 22 (5-6pm EDT)
Friday, October 23 (11am-12pm EDT)


Accepted abstracts and presentations submitted for the meeting will be published on the abstract / presentation page. We are continually adding materials are they arrive, so check the page regularly. All attendees are encouraged to provide constructive and respectful feedback using the investigators' preferred contact method listed with each presentation.

Code of Conduct

We require that all communication and interactions during the meeting or in any other venues associated with meeting activities, remain respectful and appropriate. Please refer to our code of conduct for maintaining acceptable behavior.