2021 INS Annual Meeting
Online Conference
November 4-5


The 2021 INS Annual Meeting be a completely online event available to people all around the world. The event will include a broad range of sessions and networking activities which will be held virtually over the course of two days: Thursday and Friday, November 4-5, 2021.

The INS Board of Directors determined an online format best ensures that our annual neuroethics event remains as widely available to members and priority audiences as possible. This is especially important for a meeting focused on social justice issues, and at a time when so many people continue to suffer from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Live Sessions

Activities will mostly be happening live with opportunities for attendees to ask questions, interact, and carry discussions with peers. 

Because events are life, it is important to note the specific start time and what that will be in your local timezone. We are trying to increase the range of session times throughout the day so that more people have a chance to participate in a greater number of events. We also plan to rebroadcast some of the most highly-anticipated talks key sessions to ensure more attendees have a chance to view during a time that works for their location and within their busy schedules.

See the full schedule for a complete list of sessions and start times.