Neuroethics 2025
International Neuroethics Society
Società Italiana di Neuroetica
Munich, Germany

Sponsor Neuroethics 2025

The INS Annual Meeting relies on contributions from institutions and individuals committed to advancing neuroethics and supporting the students and professionals who are leading the field.

Financial and in-kind support is tax deductible through the Society's nonprofit status (U.S.). All sponsors and donors are recognized onsite, online, and in all printed materials.

To discuss sponsorship and partnership opportunities, contact INS Executive Director Robert Beets <[email protected]> or members of the Program Committee, or Board of Directors.

Sponsor Benefits

All sponsors receive recognition in digital communications and printed signage, including:

  • In the presentation slide set shown immediately before and after sessions
  • On banner signage on-site in prominent entrance and gathering spots
  • In email communication sent to meeting attendees and INS members
  • In the virtual gather space main hall as floor decals
  • On the meeting website and online program

Sponsors of specific sessions, activities, or technologies will be prominently recognized at the start and end of those proceedings, and logos will displayed in various formats, as appropriate.


General Support

Unrestricted sponsorships helps cover the cost of core meeting expenses, including for the venue, vendors, meals, and on-site staff. Contributions of all sizes are critical to the success of the event.

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Sponsorship / $500+
Recognition in materials with logo + advertisement options 

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Sponsorship / $2,000+
Recognition in all materials  + 1 complimentary registration

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Sponsorship / $5,000+
Recognition in all materials  + 2 complimentary registrations


Students, trainees, and professionals present their neuroethics research to an international audience.

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Travel Stipends / $250+
Provide direct support to students and attendees traveling to the meeting to share their scholarship with international colleagues. Contributions of all sizes are bundled together and appreciated.

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Poster Board Rental / $5,000
Support for this session helps defray the cost of renting poster boards. You can literally "provide the backing" for neuroethics scholarship.


The program covers a wide range of topics in neuroethics. This year, our theme focuses the attention on music, arts and the humanities. See the schedule for a complete list of sessions and speakers.

Panel of speakers and audience in auditorium in Montreal

Session Sponsorship / $2,000–3,000
Each session is integral part of the program. Consider sponsoring a specific discussion or activity that aligns with your focus or mission.


Neuroethics 2024 is a hybrid conference with in-person attendees and online participants.

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Video Broadcasting / $5,000
Bring the meeting to the world. Sponsoring our video streaming and tech staff makes virtual participation possible for 250+ people.

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Virtual Gather Space / $3,000
The virtual space — hosted by Gather — is a fun environment for attendees to browse research and have organic conversations.


The INS meeting provides attendees with opportunities to meet colleagues from all around the world.

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Social Hour / $2,500
Sponsor our social hour geared for students and first-time meeting attendees. The Wednesday evening event location will be determined.

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Mentoring Activity / $1,500
We match attendees with mentors who can provide career advice and guidance. Your support helps our interdisciplinary network grow.

About Attendees

The International Neuroethics Society (INS) is a professional association of scientists, scholars, students, and practicing legal and health professionals who share an interest in the ethical, legal, and societal impacts of advances in brain science. INS members come from many disciplines and are uniquely equipped to communicate the value and implications that new neuroscience knowledge, technologies, and potential applications bring to human health and wellbeing.

Attendees of the INS annual meeting identify and describe themselves as neuroethicists, bioethicists, students, professors, neuroscientists, philosophers, physicians, lawyers, psychologists, engineers, industry professionals, and others. The meeting typically attracts about 150-200 in-person attendees and more than 250 virtual participants from all around the world.

Neuroethics scholarship touches many areas of study such as: legal studies, medical research and medicine, psychiatric and neurodegenerative diseases, enhancement, brain stimulation, neuroimaging, moral theory, philosophy of mind and consciousness, brain-computer interfaces, neuroscience and society, brain death/severe disorders of consciousness, psychopharmacology, addiction, memory modification, molecular neurobiology and genetics, neural data, consumer neuroscience, animal ethics, neurosurgery, dual use, artificial intelligence and machine learning, organoids, social and economic neuroscience, and more.

Fundraising Resources

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