2020 INS Annual Meeting
Virtual Conference
October 22-23

Speaker Orientation

Thank you for contributing your time and expertise to the 2020 INS Annual Meeting. Please review each of the following items and follow up accordingly with INS staff and Program Committee.


If you have not already, provide a profile photo and additional biographical information to Robert Beets ([email protected]). See the email request from Karen Graham on or around September 15. These items support promotional efforts and populate sessions in the conference platform. 

Sent all articles, handouts and resources that attendees may review before the meeting, as well as any recorded presentations you are creating for your session, to your session organizers and moderators. They are collecting all materials and providing them to Robert Beets to be added to the program and conference platform.


Please register at your earliest convenience. Invited panelists and speakers — excluding research presenters — may register under the 'Speaker' attendee type. See the registration page for details.

Practice Sessions

Your moderators will be scheduling a time with you to do a practice run through of your session. These will be happening as we get nearer the day of the event and some groups may be doing this practice run the week of the event. Please contact your moderator or session organizer for details.

Viewing the guides below and participating in an orientation session prior to a practice run through will help you and your groups avoid technical issues. Session moderators and organizers should contact Robert Beets ([email protected]) to schedule the practice sessions.

Platform Orientation

All meeting sessions will be operated through Big Marker, a webinar and virtual conference vendor. Their platform operates entirely through a web browser, requires no downloads for presenters or attendees, and has no cost for users. 

It is important for all speakers and presenters to familiarize themselves with the interface prior to the meeting. While no additional software is needed, presenters must configure computer and browser settings to allow use of the camera and microphone. To help you get acquainted, we have several guides and a video tutorial you can review at your convenience and a few training opportunities that you can attend over the next couple weeks.

Start that process by doing a system check. It is necessary to use a Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser, and we strongly recommend you use an up-to-date version of Google Chrome. Presenters connecting with Safari and other browsers are experiencing problems.

System Check


We strongly recommend that you attend one of the staff-led or vendor-led training sessions listed below. Contact Robert Beets ([email protected]) to indicate which session(s) you are able to attend, or if you'll need to arrange an alternate time from those listed below. To join, Robert will send you a calendar request with details. The vendor-led trainings are best to attend if you have more challenging questions or specific technological requirements. The vendor-led trainings will also be recorded and available for viewing later.

Vendor-led training sessions:

  • Friday, October 9, 12:30-1:30pm (EDT)
  • Monday, October 12, 12:00-1:00pm (EDT)

Staff-led open house sessions:


Basic overview


Full training session (1 of 3)