Benefits of NS Membership

Members will be invited to all Neuroethics Society events and meetings, receive the bi-monthly newsletter, vote in society elections, and listed in the NS online directory. There are three types of membership:

Regular Member

This membership category is for individuals with an advanced professional degree or its equivalent. As a scholarly society, we expect that the majority of our members will probably be professors, doctors, lawyers and other professionals whose work is related to neuroethics. However, we realize that some prospective members will not have advanced degrees, but may nevertheless have much to both offer and gain by being members; for this reason we have created the category of Affiliate Member (below).  The cost of regular membership is $60 per year. To access the application, please click here.

Affiliate Member

This membership category is for individuals who do not have an advanced degree in a field related to neuroethics, but who are nonetheless interested in joining and contributing to the Society. The cost of affiliate membership is $60 per year. To access the application, please click here.

Student member

This membership category is for students enrolled in a degree program in a field relevant to neuroethics. The cost of student membership is $30 per year.To access the application, please click here.

Institutional member

Institutional memberships are for governmental and nonprofit organizations whose missions include a focus on clinical or basic neuroscience, bioethics, or issues at the science-society interface. In cases for which it is difficult to determine whether an institution meets the criteria for membership, the decision will be made by the Executive Committee. Member institutions will receive a reduced-cost subscription to AJOB-Neuroscience, access to all online communications, the opportunity to post announcements, news and other information on the Society website, a 50% reduced Exhibitors rate at the annual meeting of the Society, and the waiver of three meeting registrations. The cost of institutional membership is $2,000. For more information about joining as an institutional member, please visit this page.



If the membership dues will be a hardship, please contact us for more information.