Neural Interfaces

Co-leads: Elisabeth Hildt, Nathan Higgins, JuanMartin Abreu-Melon

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Forthcoming article

We collectively wrote and submitted an open peer commentary to AJOB Neuroscience, which has been recommended for publication. Information forthcoming.

Journal Club, February

We held our next journal club on February 27 via Zoom. They discussed a recent article from Christof Bublitz, titled 'What an International Declaration on Neurotechnologies and Human Rights Could Look like: Ideas, Suggestions, Desiderata'; published by AJOB Neuroscience.

Journal Club, November

On November 8, we held our first journal club virtual meet up to discuss a recent article by Rafael Yuste titled 'Advocating for neurodata privacy and neurotechnology regulation'; published by Nature Protocols. The meeting was stimulating, well-organized, and lasted the full hour. JuanMartin provided an excellent summary of the article and nicely articulated questions to the group. The journal club format worked well even with relatively low turnout, and we got a sense there there is a real appetite amongst our membership for content related to neuroprivacy and data regulation.