Contact leadership and staff to discuss potential sponsorship and partnership opportunities with the INS.

American Brain Coalition

INS is a member of the American Brain Coalition to advance public advocacy.

AJOB Neuroscience

The American Journal of Bioethics – Neuroscience is the official journal of the INS.

British Association of Psychopharmacology

The INS is co-hosting a symposium at the BNA Festival of Neuroscience 2019.

Brain Awareness Week

INS members participate in this global program of brain events each year.

Brain-Computer Interface Society

A special neuroethics session and a workshop were featured at the 2018 BCI meeting.

Bristol Neuroscience (UK)

The INS had a poster at the Bristol Neuroscience Festival.

British Neuroscience Association

INS regularly participates in the Festival of Neuroscience and Christmas symposium and the INS offers a 10% discount on membership fees those who are members of the BNA.

Cambridge Neuroscience

Neuroethics was featured in a seminar on the Neuroscience of Belief.

Canadian Psychological Association

The INS has organized a workshop at the International Congress of Applied Psychology in Canada hosted by the CPA.

The Dana Foundation

The INS was established thanks to The Dana Foundation.

European Dana Alliance for the Brain

The INS co-sponsored a symposium on organoids at the University of Oxford with the Alliance.

Federation of European Neuroscience Societies

The INS is an affiliate member of FENS. INS is participating in the Summer School and hosting a reception at the FENS Forum of Neuroscience in Berlin, Germany.

International Brain Research Organization

INS and IBRO are members of each other’s organizations.

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers - Brain

Representatives of INS and IEEE Brain provide guidance on areas of mutual interest.

International Neuropsychological Society

There will be a plenary lecture on neuroethics and a symposium at their conference in New York.

International Youth Neuroscience Association

INS and INYA are collaborating on activities of interest to young neuroscientists focusing on neuroethics.

The Neuroethics Blog

The Neuroethics Blog is the official blog of the INS and AJOB Neuroscience.

Neurotechnology Industry Organization

The INS and the NIO have each have representatives to collaborate and advise on the potential of neurotechnology.

New York Academy of Sciences

INS is a promotional partner for the public event on The Enhanced Human.

University of Oxford

INS and the University of Oxford have collaborated on two public events and a symposium.

Royal College of Psychiatrists Neuroscience Project

Two plenary lectures were given by members of the INS Board at its conference in Cambridge, UK.

Society for Neuroscience

The INS Annual Meeting is a satellite of SfN's annual conference.