Emerging Issues Advisory Task Force

The International Neuroethics Society will establish a Response Action Task Force to anticipate and respond to issues at the intersection of neuroscience and society. The general aim is to provide the Society, its members, and other stakeholders in neuroscience with a process for anticipating and responding to developments that could significantly affect or implicate research or the practice of neuroscience and/or its impacts on people or public policy. To achieve its mandate, this new Task Force will:

  • Create a mechanism to be alerted to developments in neuroscience likely to affect the conduct and uses of neuroscience research and respond to them (see description of Submission Process below).
  • Proactively identify issues, events and trends that portend significant social impacts related to advances in neuroscience.
  • Alert the INS President and Executive Committee of developments that might warrant INS action.
  • As appropriate, work with other relevant professional organizations to leverage responses to actionable issues.

The Task Force will consist of six INS members from diverse scientific, professional and cultural backgrounds, institutional bases, and geographic locations, plus the chair. The Chair will be selected by the INS Board, must be a member in good standing, and may be nominated by any member of the INS. The Chair and members will rotate every 1-3 years.The Board has selected Mark Frankel as Chair and has asked the membership to suggest nominees to be considered for the Task Force.

The Committee will review submission of items from INS members and decide which matters to send to the President and Executive Committee for further consideration. The President and Executive Committee will then recommend action, if any, to the full Board. Possible actions by the INS Board include a position statement on behalf of INS, an Op Ed, communication with policy makers or the media on a specific topic, incorporate sessions on new developments into the INS Annual Meeting, suggest educational sessions, and work with INS Leadership to prepare oral and written testimonies when invited.

If you believe there is an issue that the Society should consider officially addressing, please email your suggestions to [email protected] with the subject line: Response Action Task Force. Submissions should include sufficient detail so that the Task Force can appreciate why you believe the matter should be a priority for INS action. All submissions will be acknowledged.


  • Mark Frankel, PhD, Chair (INS Board of Directors), American Association for the Advancement of Science (Retired), USA
  • Laura Cabrera, PhD, Michigan State University, USA
  • Adrian Carter, PhD, University of Melbourne, Australia
  • Philipp Kellmeyer, MD, University Freiburg, Germany
  • Karola Kreitmair, PhD, Stanford University, USA
  • Anthony Weiss, MD, SUNY Upstate Medical University, USA