Board of Directors

Governance Statement

1. The 15 members of the Board of Directors will have three-year terms, in staggered order. Terms will end on the last day of February of each year. The Board of Directors should have a diverse membership, broadly reflecting the diversity of the Society's membership, especially with respect to geography. 

2. The Executive Committee will appoint a chair and two additional members to the Nominating Committee. These committee members may be members of the Board of Directors or Executive Committee, but need not be. The other members of the Nominating Committee will be elected by the membership, by electronic means. Only members are eligible and they "run" for the Nominating Committee either by nominating themselves or by being nominated by another member and agreeing to run. Each nomination will need to be seconded by at least one member.

3. The Nominating Committee will be asked to suggest new members of the Board of Directors to replace those who have resigned, let their membership lapse, have had their terms end, or have otherwise left the Board. They should recommend at least twice as many possible members as there are openings and should take into account the needs for balance in the membership of the Board of Directors. They will not be asked to nominate anyone for a particular office. The Executive Committee can add nominees in exceptional circumstances.

4. The Board of Directors will consider these suggestions in appointing new members of the Board or appointing existing members to new terms. It may go outside those suggestions, but it is expected that normally it will not.

Executive Committee*

Barbara Sahakian
INS President 

Cambridge University

Turhan Canli
SUNY Stonybook

Mark Frankel 
American Association for the Advancement of Science

Hank Greely 
Stanford University

Steven Hyman
INS Immediate Past President 

Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT

Julian Savulescu 
University of Oxford

Paul Root Wolpe 
Emory University

* Executive Committee members sit on Governing Board

Governing Board

Verity Brown
University of St. Andrews UK

Mo Costandi
Freelance Writer/Author 

Nita Farahany
Duke Law School

Joseph J. Fins 
Weill Cornell Medical College

Judy Illes
University of British Columbia

Husseini Manji 
Johnson & Johnson

Helen Mayberg
Emory University

Ed Rover  
Dana Foundation

Matthew Baum
INS Student Representative
Harvard University