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INS hosts an annual meeting and supports events by our members and partners.


2020 Annual Meeting

November 2020; Washington, DC, USA – The next INS annual meeting will be held in Washington, DC the two days prior to the Society for Neuroscience conference.

1st International Bioethics Congress

January 13-17, 2020; Mexico City, Mexico

Other Events

Neurobioetica ed Intelligenza Artificiale - III Edition

October 25, 2019–June 19, 2020; Rome, Italy – This a course of ten monthly meetings from the Neurobioetica (GdN) research group of the Pontifical University Regina Apostolorum in Rome will be composed of seminars, round tables, and the March conference within World Brain Week (as part of Brain Awareness Week). The course will develop the technological, neuroscientific, psychiatric, psychological, philosophical, ethical, legal, and theological aspects of artificial intelligence in order to form a mature awareness on the applications, anthropological, ethical, and legal consequences it may hold. Register by October 31, 2019.

Next Generation Organoids for Biomedical Research and Drug Discovery

November 12; New York City, NY, USA – This symposium will feature discussions on the science behind organoid models, along with their many applications in health and disease. Abstract submissions for a poster session are due September 17.

What Happens When We Die?: Insights from Resuscitation Science

November 18; New York City, NY, USA – This symposium will bring together leading physicians and researchers in disciplines ranging from critical care and neurology to psychology, biochemistry, and philosophy. In a series of plenary presentations, speakers will review recent and emerging research related to restoring function to the brain after death, consciousness after cardiac arrest, cardiac arrest survival, and neuroprotection strategies, and more, to chart a course for new directions in the study of resuscitation and consciousness.

Natural Language, Dialog & Speech Symposium

November 22; New York City, NY, USA – This symposium will convene leading researchers from academia and industry to discuss cutting-edge methodologies and computational approaches to applied and theoretical problems in dialog systems, spoken and natural language understanding, natural language generation, and speech synthesis. Abstract submissions are due September 30.

ECNP Workshop for Early Career Scientists in Europe

March 5-8, 2020; Nice, France – The 3-day workshop is a great opportunity for early career scientists in Europe to come together with research leaders to discuss the latest advances and perspectives on specific topics. The recurring topics include molecular and cellular, behavioral and systems, and clinical neuroscience, and the variable topic for 2020 is neuromodulation.

12th FENS Forum of Neuroscience event image; Where European Neuroscience meets the world
12th FENS Forum of Neuroscience

July 11-15, 2020; Glasgow, UK – The FENS Forum of Neuroscience is Europe’s largest international neuroscience meeting. The 2020 event's scientific program will cover neuroscience from basic to translational research and feature a wide range of themes, including ethical issues and neuroethics. You can download print and digital assets from the promotional toolkit to spread the word about this event. The INS is a member of the Federation of European Neuroscience Societies (FENS).