Neuroethics Webinars

The INS is organizing a series of free webinars on various neuroethics topics in 2021. We are planning to host one each month. Webinars are in English. Sign up for announcements about the series and upcoming topics and dates.


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Choose Your Own Device: Do-It-Yourself Neuromodulation Panel Discussion

Wednesday, January 27
12:00–1:00pm EST

The INS Emerging Issues Task Force is holding a 1-hour virtual panel discussion on do-it-yourself (DIY) neurotechnology. The panel will explore the current scope of DIY devices that can record or stimulate the brain and the ethical implications of using such technology without medical supervision. Confirmed speakers include:

  • Marcello Ienca, ETH Zurich
  • Karola Kreitmair, University of Wisconsin–Madison
  • Anna Wexler, University of Pennsylvania
  • Ishan Dasgupta, University of Washington (moderator)

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Neuroethics Webinar Series; INS
Scientific Oppression, Biological Reductionism, and the Future of Neurotechnology Panel Discussion

Thursday, February 25
Time TBD

The INS Diversity & Inclusion Task Force is organizing a stimulating 90-minute discussion with panelists sharing their unique perspectives on what role neurotechnology and technologists could play in exacerbating or thwarting scientific oppression.

Past Webinars

'I Am Human' Film Screening and Panel Discussion

December 2, 2020

Social Justice and Neuroethics Listening Session

October 9, 2020