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Members join to interact, learn, and participate in critical neuroethics discussions that further this growing field. All members qualify for several exclusive benefits.

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Member Types

Select one of the following member types when completing the membership form.

  • Regular – Professionals working in neuroethics or fields related to the social, legal, ethical and policy implications of advances in neuroscience. Annual dues: $100 USD ($185 / 2 years; $275 / 3 years)
  • Student – Students enrolled in undergraduate or graduate programs at degree-granting institutions of higher education. Eligibility extends 12 months after graduation. Annual dues: $30 USD ($60 / 2 years; $90 / 3 years)
  • Trainee/Postdoctoral – Individuals who have obtained their doctoral degree and are currently working in a postdoctoral or training program. Annual dues: $50 USD ($100 / 2 years; $150 / 3 years)
  • Affiliate – Individuals who are interested in learning about neuroethics and supporting the field and the Society, but are not eligible for other member types. Affiliate members receive the same benefits, but are not provided voting rights. Annual dues: $100 USD ($185 / 2 years; $275 / 3 years)

Group Membership Discount

We offer discounts for institutions, universities, and non-profit organizations whose faculty, staff and students are interested in joining the INS. Apply as a group and save compared to the cost of individual memberships. Contact Karen Graham to determine if your team is eligible.

Membership rates are discounted:

  • 10% for 5-9 member groups
  • 15% for 10-14 member groups
  • 20% for 15-19 member groups
  • 25% for 20 or more member groups