INS Annual Meeting

Each year the International Neuroethics Society (INS) organizes a meeting that convenes experts, researchers, and up-and-coming leaders in the field of neuroethics. The annual meeting features a wide range of exciting talks, discussions, and networking opportunities for 150-200 attendees. The meeting has typically been held alongside the annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience, which hosts about 25,000 attendees.

2020 INS Annual Meeting

Our Digital Future: Building Networks Across Neuroscience, Technology and Ethics
October 22-23; Virtual conference

After careful consideration, the INS has committed to a virtual format for this year's annual meeting to ensure a safe environment for attendees and to make participation possible for more people. The program and all activities will be accessible entirely online with live, interactive sessions held synchronously on October 22-23 (EDT). 

The Program Committee will release a preliminary schedule with a list of session topics and expected speakers in the coming weeks. See the abstract call and essay call for opportunities to share your research with colleagues from around the world who are aligning ethics, law, and policy with advances in neuroscience.

2019 INS Annual Meeting

Mapping Neuroethics: An Expanded Vision
October 17-18, 2019; Chicago, IL, USA

Breaking Through: Neurotechnology for High-Consequence Communication and Decision-Making

June 5, 2019; Toronto, ON, Canada

2018 INS Annual Meeting

Cutting Edge Neuroscience, Cutting Edge Neuroethics
November 1-2, 2018; San Diego, CA, USA

Human Brain Organoids: the Science, the Ethics

June 1, 2019; Oxford, UK

2017 INS Annual Meeting

Honoring our History, Forging our Future
November 9-10, 2017; Washington, DC, USA

2016 INS Annual Meeting

November 10-11, 2016; San Diego, CA, USA

2015 INS Annual Meeting

October 15-16, 2015; Chicago, IL, USA

2014 INS Annual Meeting

November 13-14, 2014; Washington, DC, USA

2013 INS Annual Meeting
2012 INS Annual Meeting
2011 INS Annual Meeting
2010 INS Annual Meeting

November, 11-12, 2010; San Diego, CA, USA

2008 Annual Meeting

November 14-15, 2008; Washington, DC, USA