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Student/Postdoc Committee Faculty Mentor

We are looking for an INS member who will serve as a faculty mentor to the Student/Postdoc Committee. The faculty mentor participates on conference calls and provides insight and advice about professional development opportunities and governance best practices. We are looking for a volunteer who can make a multi-year commitment to serve in this role. If you are interesting in serving, please contact Karen Graham ([email protected]).

Brave New Brains

Last month, the Neuroethics Program for the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Integrative Brain Function held a public panel discussion on the ethics of brain computer interfaces, called "Brave New Brains." Speakers included: Hannah Maslen, Eric Racine, Jeffrey Rosenfeld, and Isabell Kiral-Kornek. A video recording of the event and an ABC Radio All in the Mind episode are available.


Call for Posters – Poster submissions for the 39th annual Anxiety and Depression Conference 2019 are due by November 1.

Request for Information – The NIH BRAIN Initiative seeks input through a Request for Information from key stakeholders on how to best accomplish the ambitious scientific vision of the Initiative, including input on neuroethical considerations. Responses must be received by November 15.

Technology Fellow – AI Now Institute

Researcher – AI Now Institute

Member News

Funding Award – Professors Judy Illes and Patrick McDonald of Neuroethics Canada (UBC), along with team members Mary Connolly and Mark Harrison, have been awarded funding from the U.S. National Institute of Mental Health to develop strategy for navigating new treatment options for pediatric epilepsy.

Chimpanzee Rights Book – L. Syd M Johnson co-authored the book Chimpanzee Rights: The Philosophers' Brief (Routledge). The book argues that chimpanzees are persons, based on cognitive capacities that include autonomy.

Critical appraisal of the recent US FDA approval for earlier DBS intervention – Laura Y. Cabrera, John Goudreau, Christos Sidiropoulos (Neurology)

Conflicts of interest and industry professional relationships in psychiatric neurosurgery: a comparative literature review – Laura Y. Cabrera, Hayden M. K. Boyce, Rachel McKenzie, and Robyn Bluhm (Journal of Neurosurgery)

Neurophilosophical and Ethical Aspects of Virtual Reality Therapy in
Neurology and Psychiatry – Philipp Kellmeyer (Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics)

Social robots in rehabilitation: A question of trust – Philipp Kellmeyer, Oliver Mueller, Ronit Feingold-Polak, Shelly Levy-Tzedek (Science Robotics)

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