Committees lead many of the Society's activities and are run by volunteer members. Committee service is a great way to support fellow colleagues and the neuroethics research community. Learn more about committee nomination for details on how to be considered for an open committee seat.

Board Committee

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the Board is responsible for deliberating on key issues facing the Society and formulating and advancing strategic initiatives to be carried out by other committees and task forces. Committee members include the current President and members of the Board.


  • Joseph J. Fins, Weill Cornell Medical College (United States), INS President


  • Debra JH Mathews, Johns Hopkins University (United States), INS President-Elect
  • Ilina Singh, University of Oxford (United Kingdom), INS Secretary/Treasurer
  • Adrian Carter, Monash University (Australia)
  • Philipp Kellmeyer, University Medical Center Freiburg (Germany)
  • Eric Racine, Montreal Clinical Research Institute (Canada)
  • Arleen Salles, Institute of Neuroethics / Neuroética Buenos Aires (Sweden)
  • Laura Specker Sullivan, Fordham University (United States)

Standing Committees

Governance Committee

The Governance Committee is responsible for maintaining a viable leadership structure, recommending updates to the bylaws and terms of reference, and overseeing the succession planning process for President, President-Elect, Board members, committee chairs, and other leadership positions. Committee members are selected from current Board members and from members of the Society at large.

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee recommends individuals to serve on the Board of Directors and for the office of President, President-elect/Vice President and Secretary/Treasurer. The committee also reviews nominations provided by the membership before the election.

Program Committee

The Program Committee is responsible for the annual meeting, including identifying suitable topics and speakers, reviewing suggestions, and reviewing abstract and poster submissions from the Society's membership. Members of the committee are responsible for finding a suitable venue, managing event advertisement/promotion, and media outreach.

Engagement & Outreach Committee

The Engagement & Outreach Committee provides advice, recommendations and guidance to the Board with respect to both short- and long-term engagement and outreach strategies.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee develops strategies and tactics to retain members and works to improve quality and breadth of member benefits, activities and services.

Student/Postdoc Committee

The Student/Postdoc Committee represents early career members of the INS, their interests, and makes recommendations to the Board regarding initiatives affecting students and postdoc members. The committee currently manages an annual essay contest and contributes to the development of mentoring activities for Society members. A member of the Student/Postdoc Committee serves as a student representative on other INS committees. An established INS member serves as a faculty mentor to the committee.

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