Nominating Committee

As we prepare for the 2020 Annual Meeting of the International Neuroethics Society in October, the Nominating Committee will make recommendations to the Board of Directors for those members on the Nominating Committee whose terms are expiring or who will not continue his/her term.

Your suggestions and those of the Nominating Committee are then presented to the entire membership for a vote by ballot. The results from the members' vote are presented to the Board of Directors to determine the new Nominating Committee members.

There are several open seats on the Nominating Committee this year, so please submit your suggestions by Thursday, July 16, 2020 at 5:00pm EDT. We want to be able to consider a diverse and broad range of candidates from all the individual, disciplinary, and geographic backgrounds that make up our membership.

Send your confidential suggestions for people to fulfill the important duties of moving the Society forward to Karen Graham ([email protected]). Be sure to include a CV as well as a background paragraph or link to information about the individual. You can suggest someone or nominate yourself. Please advise if the individual has been contacted about your nomination.

The INS Nominating Committee is charged with three important tasks as outlined in the paragraph below. Current members of the Nominating Committee are listed on the groups page.

Thank you for sending your suggestions and we look forward to seeing you in October during the virtual INS annual meeting.

Joseph J. Fins, MD
Chair, Nominating Committee
International Neuroethics Society

Committee details and responsibilities

The Nominating Committee consists of a Chair and two members of the Board, appointed and voted on by the full Board of Directors — who shall include members of the full Board who are not members of the Executive Committee and one representative from the Student/Postdoc Committee — and five additional Committee members elected by a vote of the general membership to inform a final recommendation by the Nominating Committee to the full Board. The Nominating Committee shall report to the full Board of Directors. All matters advanced by the Nominating Committee shall be voted on by the full Board. The full Board appoints the new members to the Board or renews the terms of existing members.

Only Society members are eligible to serve on the Nominating Committee and may be self-nominated or nominated by another member. The term length for members of the Nominating Committee shall be two years. Members of the Nominating Committee may serve for two consecutive terms, if elected and approved by the Board of Directors, but shall not serve for longer than two consecutive terms on the Committee.

The responsibilities of the Nominating Committee are to:

  • Suggest new candidates for Board membership to replace those Board members with expiring terms or for a seat that is otherwise open.
  • Recommend a slate of candidates including at least as many possible members as there are openings on the Board, and up to twice as many as there are openings on the Board.
  • Take into account the needs for balance and diversity in the membership of the Board.
  • Solicit and nominate President-Elect candidates to the full Board of Directors.
  • Review nominees from the general membership to the Nominating Committee before the election.