2021 INS Annual Meeting
Online Conference
November 4-5


Registration gives you access to the full schedule of events for this year's annual meeting. You must register in advance to participate and we will close registration before the meeting starts. 

Activities will be held synchronously on November 4-5. Be sure to check your local time for each session to make sure you will be able to participate. Please be aware that a reliable internet connection capable of streaming video is required to view and participate in most sessions.



Membership / Location

The INS offers discounted prices for members of the Society and also has considerably reduced registration rates for everyone who is from or currently resides in low-income and middle-income economies (as defined by the World Bank). There are also several other discounts for individuals and groups described below. Be sure to review them before registering to see if you are eligible.

Rates by Membership / Economy


INS Members




Low / Middle


Low / Middle

Regular members $150 $25 $250 $75
Trainee members $90 $15 $150 $55
Student members $50 $10 $90 $40

Partner Organizations

We also offer a discounted pricing structure to people who are currently members of select partner organizations, including the Asociación Mexicana de Neuroética (AMNE), Società Italiana di Neuroetica (SINe), and International Youth Neuroscience Association (IYNA). INS staff will confirm active membership with the partner organization upon registration. Other neuroethics, neuroscience, and social justice organizations are encouraged to contact us to discuss discounted rate options.

Rates for Members of Partner Organizations


AMNE (Mexico)

SINe (Italy)


Regular members $25 $150 --
Trainee members $15 $90 --
Student members $10 $50 $25


Group discounts and other accommodations based on financial need are considered by the INS Executive Committee. Contact Karen Graham ([email protected]) to discuss potential options and pricing.

Funds from the International Brain Research Organization (IBRO) are available for people attending: minority-serving institutions in the United States, non-U15 Universities in Canada, or those who reside in under-resourced countries (defined as low- and middle-income economies by the World Bank). A discount is available to any attendee meeting one of these eligibility requirements. Complete the registration form and follow the instructions to receive this discount.


Notice of cancellation and requests for a refund must be received by staff by October 15, 2021. A cancellation processing fee will be deducted from all refunds: $20 for students, trainees, and postdocs; and $30 for regular members and non-members. Email Karen Graham ([email protected]) to cancel your registration and request a refund.


If you need to request an invoice or have questions about registering online, pricing structure, or your eligibility for discounts, please contact INS staff ([email protected]).

Sponsorship Opportunities

Individuals and organizations can provide support for the annual meeting with financial contributions, in-kind donations, program advertisements, or by sponsoring a specific activity. If you would like to be a sponsor, contact Karen Graham ([email protected]).