The International Neuroethics Society is an association of professionals and students interested in neuroethics. Our mission is to encourage and inspire research and dialogue on the responsible use of advances in brain science.

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Updated Code of Conduct

The INS has updated its Code of Conduct. The code is intended to ensure event participants fully understand expectations regarding professional behavior for all meetings and activities organized by the Society.

Code of Conduct

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New articles in Neuroethics

Several INS members have contributed to a recent issue of Neuroethics, including David M. Lyreskog, Ilina Singh, Eran Klein and Andrea Lavazza.

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'Your Brain on Art: How the Arts Transform Us'

In this book, Susan Magsamen and Ivy Ross discuss topics in neuroaesthetics including how art can be used to promote brain health and human flourishing.

Curious about neuroethics? This video gives a quick overview and introduction.