The International Neuroethics Society is an association of professionals and students interested in neuroethics. Our mission is to encourage and inspire research and dialogue on the responsible use of advances in brain science.

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AJOB Neuroscience Editor-in-Chief

The Routledge / Taylor & Francis Group is looking for a new editor-in-chief of AJOB Neuroscience. Candidates should have a well-established academic background in medical ethics or neuroscience. Interested applicants should forward their CV and a covering letter to Lucy Pritchard, Portfolio Manager for Medicine & Health Journals.

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Hastings Center President

The Hastings Center is currently looking for its next President. See the position specification to learn more about this exciting opportunity. Expressions of interest, comments, and nominations are welcome and can be sent in confidence to Flip Jaeger of Spencer Stuart at [email protected].

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Treating mental illness with electricity marries old ideas with modern tech and understanding of the brain

The Conversation Weekly podcast talked with three experts and one patient — including INS President Joseph J. Fins — about the history of treating mental illness, how new technology and deeper understanding of the brain are leading to better treatments, and where the neuroscience of mental illness is headed next. (November 24, 2022)

Brain-computer interfaces, inclusive innovation, and the promise of restoration: A mixed-methods study with rehabilitation professionals

INS members Matthew Sample, Sebastian Sattler, Stephanie Blain-Morales, and Eric Racine and colleagues investigate the rehabilitation professionals’ opinions on brain-computer interfaces. (Engaging Science, Technology, and Society)


2022 INS Annual Meeting

Bringing Neuroethics to Life Throughout Patient Care, Research, and Policy

Montreal, Canada + Virtual
November 2-4, 2022


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IBRO: International Brain Research Organization
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Neuroethics Canada: Brain, Health, Human Values

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Curious about neuroethics? This video gives a quick overview and introduction.