Code of Conduct of the International Neuroethics Society

I. Purpose and Scope

A core objective of the International Neuroethics Society ("INS") is to provide safe and productive spaces that foster the free exchange of scholarly ideas. The INS is committed to maintaining a professional, respectful, harassment-free environment, and has established this code of conduct to that end.

This code of conduct applies to all INS events and activities, including those sponsored by INS or those held in conjunction with INS events. It applies to all event formats, whether virtual, in-person, or hybrid, whether open to the public or limited to registered attendees.

All INS event participants, regardless of registered membership — including but not limited to attendees, speakers, volunteers, exhibitors, INS staff members, and service providers — are subject to this code of conduct.

II. Personal Conduct at Events

All INS event participants are expected to treat others with respect and consideration, and to uphold a professional environment committed to principles of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion. Event participants are expressly prohibited from engaging in any form of harassment, discrimination, or professionally inappropriate behavior towards anyone else at the event.

The INS reserves the right to take any appropriate action regarding unacceptable behavior or activity that violates these standards. At the Society’s discretion, sanctions may include (but are not limited to) a warning, removal from the event without refund of fees, and/or prohibiting attendance at future events. Where appropriate, the Society may also choose to notify the institution or employer of a sanctioned individual’s misconduct.

See Reporting Misconduct below »

III. Guidance

This code's prohibition on harassment, discrimination, and professionally inappropriate behavior will be understood to include the following specific items:

"Harassment" includes —

  • persistently or willfully engaging in unwelcome interactions;
  • any behavior that interferes with others' ability to maintain professional engagement;
  • any behavior inflicting intimidation, gratuitous distress, or persistent nuisance.

"Discrimination" includes —

  • conduct that interferes with people's ability to attend or participate in INS events and activities as respected colleagues of equal dignity;
  • engaging in exclusionary behavior on the basis of others' identity characteristics.

"Professionally inappropriate behavior" includes —

  • conduct that interferes with the Society's commitments to justice, equity, diversity and inclusion;
  • the use of unsuitable or marginalizing language such as slurs;
  • intentional misgendering or the harmful disclosure of irrelevant or sensitive personal information;
  • the use of unsuitable imagery or unduly disturbing or trauma-unsafe content absent fair warning.

This listing is without limitation. All conduct falling within the ordinary meanings of harassment, discrimination, and professionally inappropriate behavior is prohibited under this code, even if a given instance is not listed above.

IV. Other Rules

Event participants are expected to uphold standards of scholarly integrity and professional ethics. This includes complying with the Society's abstract and presentation rules regarding disclosure of conflicts of interest.

Event participants are asked not to publish, or record for the purpose of publication, any presentation made at an INS event without the explicit written permission of the content owner. As a matter of academic and professional courtesy, the INS expects that all participants wishing to re-use or disseminate information presented at events will either request permission from the presenter to use such information or adhere to contextually appropriate norms of citation and attribution. The INS reserves the right to refer cases of inappropriate recording or publication to the relevant individual's institution or employer for review and handling.

The INS does not endorse products or services, or the perspectives expressed by event participants.  To represent otherwise is a violation of this Code of Conduct.

All personal information provided to the INS (such as through event registration forms) will be used only for appropriate organizational purposes. Personal information will not be shared, sold, or distributed beyond the Society's staff and leadership.

Reporting Misconduct at INS Annual Meeting 2024

Anyone who has a complaint or has experienced or witnessed behavior that violates the INS Code of Conduct, or otherwise merits institutional attention, should speak with INS Executive Director Robert Beets, INS Legal Counsel Fred Dorey, or a member of the INS Board of Directors or Program Committee.

Concerns brought to our attention will be addressed in a timely manner commensurate with the nature of the issue. The INS reserves the right to take any appropriate action regarding unacceptable behavior or activity that violates the standards put forth in the Code of Conduct.

You may contact one of the following people to confidentially report an issue or file a complaint.

Robert Beets
INS Executive Director
Call or text: 1-301-307-6020 (U.S.)
WhatsApp: 1-612-749-5263
Email: [email protected]

Fred Dorey
INS Legal Counsel
Email: [email protected]

Laura Specker Sullivan
INS Board member / Program Committee co-chair
Email: [email protected]

Anna Wexler
INS Board member / Program Committee co-chair
Email: [email protected]

Stefanie Blain-Moraes
INS Program Committee co-chair
Email: [email protected]


Adopted and last updated: January 2023