Engagement & Outreach Committee

The Engagement & Outreach Committee provides advice, recommendations and guidance to the Board with respect to both short- and long-term engagement and outreach strategies.

Responsibilities of the committee include:

  • Recommend and coordinate partnership approaches and strategies (e.g., joint webinars and satellite events) with external coalitions and organizations to increase the profile of neuroethics, the INS, and the work of its members/neuroethics practitioners.
  • Propose and organize year-round activities that provide a platform for engaging with a variety of neuroethics issues and allow for interaction amongst the public, INS members, and other organizations and professions.
  • Coordinate responses to outside requests for engagement and expertise in collaboration with and with oversight by the INS Executive Committee.
  • Serve as a resource for INS members wishing to pursue engagement and outreach activities, by providing them with tools, resources, and expertise.



  • Philipp Kellmeyer, University Medical Center Freiburg (Germany)
  • Ilina Singh, University of Oxford (United Kingdom)


  • Katherine Bassil, Maastricht University (Netherlands)
  • Matt Baum, Brigham and Women's Hospital Department of Psychiatry / Harvard Medical School (United States)
  • Nathan Higgins, Monash University (Australia)
  • Nicole Martinez-Martin, Stanford University (United States)
  • Oluyinka Abiodun Oyeniji, De Montfort University (United Kingdom / Nigeria)*
  • Anneliese Schaefer, Washington University School of Medicine (United States)
  • Andreas Schönau, University of Washington (Germany)
  • Adam Steiner, Minnesota State University Mankato (United States)
  • Ian Stevens, University of Tasmania (Australia)*
  • John Noel M. Viaña, Australian National University (Australia)
  • Anna Wexler, University of Pennsylvania (United States)

* INS Student/Postdoc Committee representatives