Steven E. Hyman Award

The Steven E. Hyman Award for Distinguished Service to the Field of Neuroethics is bestowed annually to members of the scientific community at the INS Annual Meeting. Recipients of the award are chosen by the Society's current president, immediate past president, and president-elect. The award was initiated in 2016 by the INS Board of Directors to recognize people who have helped develop the field of neuroethics and who have contributed to the INS. 



James Bernat



Patricia Churchland



Walter Koroshetz



Martha Farah



Helen Mayberg

Then INS President Hank Greely said, “We are thrilled to present this award to Helen Mayberg. Her insistence on the importance of ethical issues in deep brain stimulation research and practice has been consistent, energetic, and effective."

Hank Greely, Helen Mayberg and Judy Illes

Hank Greely, Helen Mayberg and Judy Illes


William Safire

The award was posthumously presented to Ed Rover and Barbara Gill of the Dana Foundation.


Steven E. Hyman

The inaugural award went to Steve Hyman for his contributions to the early formation of the neuroethics field, service as the Society's first president from 2008–2014, and continued support for growth of the Society.