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Curator Project

We're inviting INS members to take over our Twitter account for one week each month as part of new pilot curator project. Guest curators tweet from @neuroethicsinfo to give followers and colleagues a peek into their research and perspectives on neuroethics. The aim is to highlight the varied and fascinating work of our members and to energize the social media conversations.

To volunteer as a guest curator, contact INS staff and Student/Postdoc Committee Chair Roland Nadler ([email protected]). Please include the following details:

  • Your information, including name and Twitter username -- if you have one -- plus a one-sentence description of your work title/role and neuroethics-related areas of interests.
  • Your availability, including which upcoming months you would could serve for as a guest curator and whether you would need to curate during a different week than the default final 7 days of the month.
  • Your basic plan for tweeting, including some rough ideas about what you're eager to share with our audience -- we certainly don't expect an elaborate plan.

The Student/Postdoc Committee will select volunteers in its sole discretion. If selected, you will receive a message containing more details as well as our Code of Conduct, which sets some rules for our curators. (You cannot, for instance, endorse a candidate for political office!)

Once we set the account up to feature your name and photo, you'll be welcome to post, retweet, reply, and all the rest for that week. Guest curators are not required to have their own Twitter account.

Past Curators