Ethical and Societal Implications of Telepsychiatry and the New Era of Digital Mental Health

Thursday, May 20


  • Nicole Martinez Martin, Stanford University
  • Cynthia Sieck, Ohio State University
  • John Torous, Harvard Medical School
  • Anthony Weiss, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center


Neuroethics: New Ways of Investigating the Brain; May 13-14 + 20-21;

This webinar was held as a session at the annual conference of the Italian Society for Neuroethics (SINe) in 2021. Sessions from the meeting — themed 'Neuroethics: New Ways of Investigating the Brain' — are available to view on their YouTuble channel. We encourage you to learn more about SINe and their community focused on promoting research in neuroethics in Italy, and fostering dialogue and cooperation among researchers from different fields.




Nicole Martinez Martin

Stanford University

Cynthia Sieck

Ohio State University

John Torous

Harvard Medical School

Anthony Weiss

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center


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