2021 INS Annual Meeting
Online Conference
November 4-5


The 2021 INS Annual Meeting will focus on the theme: ‘Social Justice at the Center: Shaping the Future of Neuroethics.’ Social justice describes the project of promoting equity across geographic, economic, social, and cultural boundaries. In neuroethics, a focus on social justice motivates discussions of the value assumptions in neuroscience research; the norms of mental health and wellbeing; the accessibility and relevance of neuroscience innovations; among other questions.

The global COVID-19 pandemic has drawn widespread attention to inequity and injustice within and across societies. Motivated by this heightened awareness, this meeting seeks to engage the different communities and disciplines that make up the field of neuroethics in order to learn from one another and to work together to foster justice and equity in the brain sciences.

In planning this meeting, we hope to highlight the issues that are of greatest interest to you and our members. To that end, we invite suggestions for potential discussion topics, speakers, workshops, work products, outcomes, and recommended solutions. Please send your ideas and thoughts to the Program Committee using the program ideas submission form. Submissions received by Monday, May 24 will have the best chance to inform development of the program.

Ideas Form