Public Communication and Publishing

Co-leads: Erin Morrow and Katherine Bassil


May 9, 2023

The first issue of the Neuroethics Magazine — developed by the INS Public Communication and Publishing Affinity Group — is now available! The issue provides an introduction to neuroethics for students and the public with a look at people's perceptions of neuroethics, a highlight of a few contemporary issues in neuroethics, and a timeline of neuroethics concepts in the history of science and the relatively recent emergence of the field. 

This issue also comes with a open call for feedback on the magazine, which can sent through the feedback form or emailed to INS members and magazine editors Katherine Bassil <[email protected]> and Erin Morrow <[email protected]>.

Give Feedback

November 12, 2023

Thank you for your interest in the Public Communication and Publishing affinity group of the International Neuroethics Society! It was wonderful to begin discussion at the October 25 launch event. Thank you again to Robert Beets for leading this conversation.

Some excellent ideas have already emerged, and we hope to connect with more of you soon. We encourage you to fill out the follow-up form and indicate your interest in our group (Public Communication and Publishing) at the bottom of the first page. This will take you to a separate section with specific questions about our primary method of communication and activities you may be interested in. We also invite you to email us — Katherine Bassil and Erin Morrow <[email protected]> — directly with what you’re most excited about in regards to this group!

Finally, expect communication in the coming weeks as we schedule our first group meeting. Looking forward to more insightful and productive conversations!