2022 INS Annual Meeting
Montreal, Canada + Virtual
November 2-4, 2022


Bringing Neuroethics to Life Throughout Patient Care, Research, and Policy

Various dimensions of brain disorders deeply challenge patients, families, clinicians, researchers, and societies. Patients and families experience the success and the limits of available treatments. Researchers encounter new and unforeseen challenges in developing and deploying novel therapies and research. Clinicians and other practitioners face novel and changing roles in brokering information to bridge developments in neuroscience with society and to inform decision-makers.

Why, how, and when should these experiences become opportunities to reflect on our values, priorities and our concrete practices? How can they nurture ethical reflections on the life journeys of patients, clinicians, researchers, policy makers, advocates, and other stakeholders?

The need for authentic interdisciplinary and international cross-talk and networking between all stakeholders is greater than ever to address these emerging neuroethical challenges.

The 2022 Annual Meeting of the International Neuroethics Society will reflect the need for increased dialogue and collaboration in order to sustain everyone in their search for better care, better research, and better policy in this era of rapidly evolving neuroscience breakthroughs. Scholars, decision-makers, patients, patient advocates, and clinicians will join a series of collaborative, future-oriented open discussions to exchange knowledge and help bring neuroethics to life.

These discussions will help set an agenda and mobilize forces to tackle ethics in various aspects of the life journey. This novel open discussion track is part of the INS’s commitment to engage relevant stakeholders and its multidisciplinary membership. It will build on the academic communications which have established the reputation of the International Neuroethics Society as a scientific body.


Programming and sessions will examine the practical applications and value of neuroethics across dimensions of healthcare, neuroscience research, and public policy. A number of sessions will tackle topics related to: prevention; diagnosis; emerging therapies, technologies, and research; and neurorecovery and end of life.

The sessions, talks, and professional development activities are currently being developed by the Program Committee, led by co-chairs Eric Racine, Jayashree Dasgupta, Michael Young. They are particularly interested in fostering interdisciplinary exchanges, international cross-talk, and greater inclusion of patients and patient advocates in the meeting.

Outstanding contributions from submitted posters and talks are also bing considered for inclusion in the program and for a published chapter in an edited volume planned to emerge from this year’s event. See the call for abstracts for details about the late-breaking submission period: August 1-16.