2022 INS Annual Meeting
Montreal, Canada + Virtual
November 2-4, 2022


We have a virtual Gather space set up for all in-person attendees and virtual participants to connect remotely and engage in conversations with colleagues from around the world.

You can join the virtual Gather space using a Chrome and Firefox browser. There is also a Gather application (app) available to download. The app provides the most reliable experience.

The virtual Gather space is now open for attendees. You must be a registered attendee to use Gather. Use the same email address you registered with to get access to Gather. If you have having trouble joining, reference the Gather troubleshooting checklist before contacting INS staff.

Gather Space

Using Gather

Throughout the hybrid meeting, we have ample breaks and networking sessions. See the schedule for a complete agenda. During all breaks and times dedicated to convening, lunch, and networking, both virtual participants as well as in-person attendees are encouraged to join the Gather space.

There is no poster hall in the virtual Gather space this year. All posters and presentations are accessible on the Research webpage. Many investigators have recorded short talks that you can watch on demand, and then you can meet with them in the Gather space to discuss further.


In Gather, you will have a 2-D avatar that you will move about the space using your arrow keys and interact with those nearby over video chat.

  • To move your avatar around the screen, use the arrow keys on your keyboard. ←↑→↓
  • Video/interacting: When your avatar is near another avatar/person or group of avatars, a Video chat window will appear on screen. If your avatar moves away, then you leave the conversation.


  • Click the video or microphone icons in your video window to turn video and microphone on or off.
  • At the bottom of the screen, you can click on your avatar to change how it looks.
  • At the bottom of the screen, you can click on your name to adjust your audio/video settings.


Here's is a basic overview of the virtual Gather space. You'll join in the top center area. Links to posters are on the left side, open social areas in the middle, links to games on the right, and at bottom there are private spaces for small group conversations (each with a unique rug!). 

Map of virtual space, see description in copy above;