Neuroethics 2024
INS Annual Meeting
Baltimore USA + Virtual

The Challenges of Neuroenhancement: Comparative Legal Perspectives from US, EU, and Japan

This session will focus on the progress of neurotechnology in the broadest sense and its potential applications for improving human function in the near future, such as improving performance in athletic, academic, and professional environments. The state of national, regional, and even international laws and regulations will then be discussed from the perspectives of constitutional law, culture, and public policy.



Neuroethics 2024

  • Date: Thursday, April 18, 2024
  • Start Time: 9:00 a.m. EDT / 13:00 UTC
  • Duration: 60 minutes  


  1. Introduction by Tamami Fukushi / 2 mins
  2. Technological background and introduction by Masatoshi Kokubo / 5 mins
  3. Presentations from Gary Marchant, Carla Maria Gulotta, Keigo Komamura / 21 mins
  4. Discussion with Ricardo Chavarriaga / 7 mins
  5. Q&A with audience / 25 min


Supplemental Readings


  1. U.S. FDA CDRH “Implanted Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) Devices for Patients with ᆳ Non-clinical Testing and Clinical Considerations Guidance for Industry and Food and Drug Administration Staff U.S. Department of Health and Human Services” (2021)
  2. International Bioethics Committee of UNESCO, “Report of the International Bioethics Committee of UNESCO (IBC) on the Ethical Issues of Neurotechnology” (2021)
  3. OECD Committee for Scientific and Technological Policy, “Recommendation of the Council on Responsible Innovation in Neurotechnology” (2019)


Cross-culture, Enhancement, Law, Neurorights, Neurotechnology


Ricardo Chavarriaga

Head, CLAIRE Office Switzerland
Senior Scientist, Centre for Artificial Intelligence, ZHAW
Polymath Fellow, Geneva Center for Security Policy
Chair, IEEE SA, Industry Connections group on Neurotechnologies for BMI

Tamami Fukushi

Professor, Tokyo Online University (Japan)

Carla Maria Gulotta

Associate Professor, Department of Business and Law
University Milano-Bicocca (Italy)

Keigo Komamura, Ph.D.

Professor, Faculty of Law, Keio University (Japan)

Masatoshi Kokubo

Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies, The University of Tokyo and Keio University Global Research Institute (Japan)

Gary Marchant, J.D., M.P.P.,Ph.D.

Regent's Professor and Faculty Director, Center for Law, Science and Innovation, Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law (United States)