Neuroethics 2024
INS Annual Meeting
Baltimore USA + Virtual


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Deadline extended

The deadline to submit research abstracts and session proposals for Neuroethics 2024 has been extended to Friday, September 1, 2023. We do not anticipate extending the deadline again.

Please take a moment this week to share the calls with your networks and colleagues. For your reference we have sample promotional language in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. 

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Venue selected for the Annual Meeting

Front entrance of The Belvedere from Chase Street, in Baltimore, MD, USA

The 2024 INS Annual Meeting will be held at The Belvedere, located in historic Mt. Vernon in downtown Baltimore, Maryland. The address and entrance is located at: 1 East Chase Street.

Sessions of the 2.5-day program on April 17-19 next year will take place on the 12th floor in the Grand Ballroom and Platinum Ballroom. The event space is managed by Belvedere & Co. Events

The Belvedere
1 East Chase Street
Baltimore, MD 21202


Next INS Annual Meeting will be April 2024 in Baltimore

The next annual meeting of the International Neuroethics Society (INS) will be held April 17-19, 2024, in Baltimore, MD, USA. The meeting will include the latest neuroethics research and feature a set of sessions and activities on music, the arts, and the humanities as part of the meeting theme: ‘Expressing Wonder, Making Meaning: Neuroethics Engages the Arts.’

"We hope to explore the many ways of understanding neuroethics by engaging the arts and the humanities with the sciences," said Joseph J. Fins, INS President.

Past meetings of the Society have predominantly been held in October or November, often immediately preceding the Society for Neuroscience conference. The change in schedule for the upcoming meeting provides the Society with opportunities to reach new audiences, to collaborate with exciting partners and local institutions, and to experiment with creative session formats.

The annual meeting in April will give in-person and virtual participants a chance to explore the many creative, technological, practical, and social elements of the brain and the arts. We hope to partner with artists and musicians, and the program is expected to include live performances, talks, and discussions inspired by the theme, as well as other activities and ideas submitted by members of the neuroethics research community. The INS will also host a virtual event on October 25 to preview the annual meeting, feature a prominent speaker or artist, attend to the business of the Society, and highlight the Society’s many engagement opportunities offered as part of the Spring meeting.

Over the next year, INS Program Committee co-chairs Stefanie Blain-Moraes, Laura Specker Sullivan, and Anna Wexler will lead a diverse group of collaborators from a broad range of disciplines and lived experiences tasked with developing the program and schedule.

The location of the Spring meeting in downtown Baltimore will be finalized in the coming weeks. The virtual event in October will be held on Zoom. For the latest announcements, sign up to get email updates about the INS meeting and associated calls for proposals, talks and posters.

The INS Annual Meeting provides an opportunity for people from many backgrounds to exchange knowledge, forge connections, and discuss the many issues at the intersections of the mind and brain sciences, ethics, and law. Meeting attendees are students, researchers, and professionals working in neuroscience, law, medicine, philosophy, psychology, and many other social and natural sciences. Educators, policymakers, and press with an interest in neuroethics and the responsible use of advances in brain science may also attend.

We especially encourage people from underrepresented or marginalized groups to attend in-person or participate virtually, including women, people identifying as LGBTQIA+, people with disabilities, and students living in or originating from Africa, Latin America, and Southeast Asia.

Contact: Robert Beets, [email protected]


Neuroethics, music, the arts, and humanities

The theme for the next Annual Meeting of the International Neuroethics Society (INS) will be 'Expressing Wonder, Making Meaning: Neuroethics Engages the Arts.' INS Program Committee co-chairs Stefanie Blain-Moraes, Laura Specker Sullivan, and Anna Wexler will lead the effort to organize the conference, and describe the theme and guiding vision in the following terms.

The arts and the humanities are creative pursuits that engage culture, undergird meaning-making, and express human flourishing. Music, the visual arts, and the humanities offer the field of neuroethics powerful vehicles for communication and fruitful grounds for novel inquiry.

This meeting explores creative, technological, practical, and social elements of the brain and the arts. By illuminating how human creativity and expression intersect with brain science and ethical considerations, this meeting aims to deepen our understanding of the ways in which the arts and humanities can contribute to the advancement of neuroethics.

The date and location of the meeting will be announced soon. Sign up for email updates with the latest news and calls for session proposals, talks and posters.

All INS members interested in helping organize the meeting are encouraged to submit their nomination to serve on the INS Program Committee by Monday, March 13.


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