2021 INS Annual Meeting
Online Conference
November 4-5

Comics Workshop: Storytelling and Social Justice Concerns in Neuroethics

Friday, November 5, 2021
6:00p EDT / 22:00 UTC

Public conversations about neuroethics can be challenging, yet engagement of all stakeholders represents a key social justice concern. Comics — a narrative combination of text and image — are an especially important medium for opening lines of communication about fractious ethical questions. Comics have also proven to be an important way for historically marginalized people to tell their stories.

Led by Dr. Ann Fink, this workshop will engage participants in creative drawing exercises that broach important social justice questions and foster discussion as a group. Dr. Fink will draw on a variety of creative traditions including insights from the field of graphic medicine, which uses comics to deeply explore patient and provider health narratives.

Attendees are encouraged to have paper and drawing tools on hand (pencils, pens, markers, etc).

A three-panel comic. Panel 1: A hand is sketching an incomplete panel containing a row of 3 people, like a Zoom call. Panel 2: A full square of 6 people, drawing together and thinking. Panel 3: The 6 people finished their drawings. Their brains are glowing!

Illustration by Ann Fink



Image of Ann Fink
Ann Fink

Rutgers University

Ann Fink, Ph.D. (she/they), is a neuroscientist, educator, ethicist and artist. Ann received a doctorate in Neuroscience from UCLA, and their publications have appeared in the Journal of Neuroscience, Journal of Neurophysiology, PNAS, AJOB Neuroscience, and other journals. Ann’s interdisciplinary work addresses the ethics of neuroscience in relation to topics surrounding identity, mental health, and social justice. Ann uses comics in both scholarly writing and teaching, and is part of the Graphic Medicine community. She was previously a Wittig Fellow in Feminist Biology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, a Professor of Practice in Biological Sciences at Lehigh University, and is now in training to be a mental health practitioner at the Rutgers School of Social Work. See their website Your Brain on Comics for more information and artwork.