2021 INS Annual Meeting
Online Conference
November 4-5


Global Mental Health Care: Identifying Disparities and Setting Priorities

Panelists will examine how mental health is understood across local and international contexts, how disparities in mental health have social and economic determinants, how mental illness is caused by or is co-morbid with marginalization and persecution, how mental health care neglects marginalized people, and how we can be more just in treating mental illness. Panelists are: Jose Humberto Nicolini Sanchez, Eunice Kamaara, and Neely Myers.

Minding the Gap: Equity and Justice in AI and Neurotech

This panel will engage questions regarding diversity and inclusion, privacy and surveillance, in the development and implementation of artificial intelligence for neurotechnologies. Nicole Martinez-Martin will moderate a discussion with panelists: Alena Buyx, Ricardo Chavarriga, Oiwi Parker Jones, and Gregor Wolbring.

Re-examining Values and Priorities in Global Neuroscience Research

This session will feature a discussion of the specific priorities for development and use of neuroscience and neurotechnologies, including the type of opportunities available to develop and fund neuroscience and neurotechnology, as well as the need and challenges to engage diverse participants and communities in research globally. Jayashree Dasgupta will moderate a discussion among panelists: Nandini Chatterjee Singh, Karen Herrera Ferrá, and Tamami Fukushi.

Neurotechnology, Neurolaw, and Social Justice: Predicting and Preventing Criminality in Imprisoned People

This session will explore the history and current practice of using the brain sciences to explain, predict, and prevent antisocial behavior — focusing on the consequences this has had and continues to have for vulnerable and marginalized communities globally. We will also consider the role neurotechnologies will play in the future of criminal law. Panelists are: Eyal Aharoni, Jinee Lokaneeta, and Oliver Rollins.


Exploring Social Justice and Neuroethics

Nora Jones and Francis Shen will lead a discussion about social justice and neuroethics among attendees and arrive at a better understanding of the path forward.

Justice, Religion and Neuroscience: Promoting Socially Transformative Wellbeing

This panel will explore the intersections between religious practices that aim to improve wellbeing by transforming individual and collective abilities to counteract oppressive and dominating social forces, and neuroscientific research that aims to explain the effects of these negative forces on the brain and uncover the neural basis for these resilient abilities. Juhi Farooqui will moderate a discussion with Gulamabbas Lakha and Laura Specker Sullivan.

Environmental Neuroethics: Social Justice, and Steps Ahead

This session will focus on social justice from the perspective of indigenous populations. Discussants include: Henry Harder and Rudi Louis Taylor-Bragge. Judy Illes will moderate the discussion.


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