2021 INS Annual Meeting
Online Conference
November 4-5


Building Strong Mentor–Mentee Relationships
Publishing and Writing
Depictions of Disability and Neurotechnology

This session would compare how disability is depicted in media with the actual lives disabled people. Discussants will include Katherine E. Standefer and Jasmine E. Harris.

Developing an Anti-Racist Neuroscience

This workshop will address a range of questions about how neuroscience should address issues of race. Discussants are Keisha S. Ray, Oliver Rollins, and Ruth S. Shim.

Assessing Rights-based and Legal Approaches to Protecting Mental Privacy

This workshop will feature a discussion of human rights and other legal approaches to protecting mental privacy. José Manuel Muñoz will moderate the discussion with panelists Sara Goering, Brenda McPhail, and Abel Wajnerman Paz, and informed by questions from the audience.

Neurotechnology with Everyone: Engineering the Building Blocks of Global Participation

This workshop will introduce participants to the state-of-the-art in DIY neurotechnology and gather preliminary guidance for the DIY community.

Comics Workshop: Storytelling and Social Justice Concerns in Neuroethics

Led by Dr. Ann Fink, this workshop will engage participants in creative drawing exercises that broach important social justice questions and foster discussion as a group.


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