2021 INS Annual Meeting
Online Conference
November 4-5


Most sessions held on Zoom were recorded and will be made available for registered attendees as soon as possible. The password to access the videos was sent to attendees by email and is the same as the password used to participate in the live sessions. Meeting attendees may contact staff.

Lectures / Recognitions

Anita L. Allen
Business Meeting

Research Presentations

Research Presentations, Thursday
Research Presentations, Friday

Panels / Discussions

Exploring Social Justice and Neuroethics
Global Mental Health Care: Identifying Disparities and Setting Priorities
Justice, Religion and Neuroscience: Promoting Socially Transformative Wellbeing
Minding the Gap: Equity and Justice in AI and Neurotech

Transcript (PDF)

Re-examining Values and Priorities in Global Neuroscience Research
Environmental Neuroethics: Social Justice, and Steps Ahead
Neurotechnology, Neurolaw, and Social Justice: Predicting and Preventing Criminality in Imprisoned People


Building Strong Mentor–Mentee Relationships
Publishing and Writing
Depictions of Disability and Neurotechnology
Developing an Anti-Racist Neuroscience
Assessing Rights-based and Legal Approaches to Protecting Mental Privacy

Transcript (PDF)

Neurotechnology with Everyone: Engineering the Building Blocks of Global Participation
Comics Workshop: Storytelling and Social Justice Concerns in Neuroethics